Welcome everyone! Im sorry for the late devlog guys.. Like i said im a little busy these days.  So i've been trying to improve the inventory system and the crafting/Blueprint system. I tried creating something simple and cool and this is what i finally decided to implement.

When the player press tab this menu will appear - The player will be able to manage his inventory/craft basic tools and weapons etc.

  • New Crafting UI.
  • New Equipment UI.
  • New dynamic inventory system.
  • New Blueprint system.
  • Some basic blueprints are active and the player is able to craft the items, but other blueprints are deactivated till the player collect them.
  • New HUD.

We've been also working on the environment, sketching and modeling a lot of awesome stuff.

A new character will be implemented soon, still need some work done. And here is a sneak peak of it

More vegetation will be implemented in the environment in the next devlog and here is a couple of these models.

Hanging leaves 

New tall bushes.

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