Hey everyone again. I was a bit busy today so there was not much progress. But i thought i should share with you what i made so far.

Basically i started working on the building system, we created the basic bulding models: 

Wall model

Roof Model

Floor Model

Pillar model (There is 3 types of pillars but here is a preview of one of them)

Also I started creating the basic needs for the building system (Scriptwise) aswell as the UI and the icons.

The crafting UI has been improved, a scroll view bar has been added, more items and equipments too. The crafting UI is now split in 3 main categories.

  1.  Item Category which will contain all craftable items. (Tools, Firepit, rope, wood/stone stacks...)

2. Weapon category which will hold all craftable weapons (For now i just added some basic weapons)

3. Building category which will contain the buildings/furniture that the player will craft.

This is it pretty much for today. Stay tuned for more devlogs! I will be posting regularly.

Alll feedbacks are appreciated! Thank you.

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