• Added more food and fruits.
  • New icons.
  • Apples can be picked from apple trees.
  • Pear can be collected from pear trees (Same as berries)
  • Expanded the terrain and added different bioms ( Still empty for now as we are still working on the models)
  • Fixed the toolbelt, the player is able to grab an item and two Equipments now even if he doesnt have a backpack on.
  • Added item/equipment description that shows the name and how this item can be collected/looted/harvested.
  • Removed the grass (Temporarly for optimization purposes.)

Some screenshots

First radioactive creature (Will be implemented in the outside/radioactive bioms)

Expanded the terrain (The yellow and red are radio active bioms)

I would love to see some of your opinions, so feel free to post your feedback.

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